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  Akwesasne Housing Authority Board of Commissioners


Board Of Commissioners next meeting - May 10, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Board Of Commissioners

September 2017

Chairperson: Noah Ransom Jr.

Vice-Chairperson: Norman Tarbell

Secretary: Diane Boots

Commissioner: Barbara Lazore

Commissioner: Ronald Cook

Commissioner: Kimberly Ransom Herne

Commissioner: Lois Terrance

The Akwesasne Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

The AHA Board of Commissioners hold regular monthly meetings.  Special meetings are held as needed.

The Akwesasne Housing Authority Board of Commissioners provides direction and support to the Akwesasne Housing Authority by overseeing legal, financial, and operational matters. 

The Board may:

  • Enter into agreements, contracts and understandings;

  • Lease, rent, sell, or enter into lease-purchase agreements;

  • Establish and revise rents or monthly payments;

  • Make rules and regulations concerning the selection of tenants or Homebuyers;

  • Undertake and carry out studies and analyses of housing needs;


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